The Juggler

The Juggler

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The Juggler is a chilled milk dispensing system designed for cafés, hotels and restaurants.
It speeds up service, reduces waste and helps you focus on what really matters; the customer.
The Juggler comes as a single tap and double tap version.

Jug size sensor – The sensor recognises the size of jug you are using – small, medium or large.

Programmable volumetric dosing – Set the volume you want dispensed for each size of jug you use. Adjustment is as easy as changing the volume on a stereo.

Primary and secondary dosing – Set two different doses for each jug size; e.g. for your large jug, set the primary dose as a LOW tide for 2 x 20 cl takeaway lattes and the secondary dose as a HIGH tide for 2 x 30 cl takeaway lattes.

Jug Rinser and Drain – Keeping your jugs clean between doses is easy with the built in jug rinser set right where you need it. Our jug rinser carries the WaterMark certification mark and is a standard feature on all models of The Juggler.

Hands-free automatic dosing – Pick up your jug, press it against the sensor, then get back to other tasks while The Juggler automatically pours the dose.

Manual dosing – Volumetric dosing is great most of the time, but manual dosing adds flexibility.

Easy bladder loading – The bladders have a special cap that enables you to load the system in an instant without wrestling with fiddly connectors. The cap ensures hygiene is not compromised even when loading bladders mid service.

Easy line flushing and sanitisation – The milk lines require daily flushing and sanitising with a cleaning solution developed by Cafetto especially for The Juggler. The clean in place (CIP) system is simple to set up and runs automatically for 15 minutes.